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Nashville Joe

Nashville Joe by Roy Elkins

Nashville Joe - Roy Elkins
Nashville Joe on his tractor.

A little over a year ago, I wrote a blog about one of the most popular members of, Nashville Joe.  A few weeks back, I met him in person for the first time. He was in a hospital bed in Port Charlotte, Florida fighting a cancer battle, one surgery after another.

Early in September, a couple of Broadjam members contacted me and asked if we could do something special for Nashville Joe. So a bunch a folks got together and bought his downloads on the Broadjam site. We sent him a check in September and his spirit was lifted, but his battle with cancer continues on.

I was traveling to see my mother, who lives a couple of hours from Joe and took a day to drive to Port Charlotte, Florida to see him. I had called, texted and emailed, but didn’t receive a response in the few days prior, it was unlike him. So I reached out to a few of ourSusan Witzelmutual friends on Broadjam. Susan Witzel had contacted his sister through Facebook and she forwarded the number of Joe’s friend Peter.

Peter has been helping Joe cope on a daily basis and is assisting with the insurances, paperwork and all of the other “life” things that have to be dealt with during times like this. He met Joe a few months back and immediately warmed up to him as well. Peter was thankful that I was coming to see Joe, but after being there, I am so thankful for him. It’s people like him that make humanity great. He doesn’t have to do this. But he does.

Joe certainly looked like he’d been through the ringer and maybe at times, his mind wanted to throw the towel in. But deep inside, one could still see his heart and soul still fighting the battle. His personality continues to shine and his spirit is as strong as ever. He loves talking about songwriters and the friends he has met along the way. On occasion, I have the opportunity to meet a member who has been on the site for years and sometimes they are a little different than I expected. With Joe, it was exactly as I knew him to be online. There are no pretentions, he is who he is, all the time.

Again, here is the story I wrote about a year ago.

Just as I was sitting down to write this, Joe called. So I have modified the previous paragraphs slightly and now adding a couple of more.

Nashville Joe on a dockHe said, “Ya know what I love about Broadjam?”, I replied, “What’s that Joe?”, “Ya got all this crap going on in the world and Broadjam just flows like a river. People from all these countries all flowing and working together. That’s what I love about it.” Joe told the story of when Bob Dylan went to visit Woodie Guthrie near the end of his life. He said, “that’s what our visit reminded him of.” I had never heard that story, but it just goes to show how much all songwriters care for one another.

As I was leaving, Joe said, “I want you to have that guitar.” There was a guitar case laying next to his bed. I was a little surprised and said, “I can’t take your guitar.” He said, “I want you to have it.” Needless to say I was a little shocked. He added, “I am too weak to play it.” After we discussed (slightly argued) this for about a minute. I offered, “I will take this on one condition. I am just going to hold it and when you beat this, you get it back.” We agreed. All the way home, I had a tear in my eye thinking about Joe and the unfairness of it all. In my head, I kept thinking about him, the guitar, his battle, his friends on Broadjam, the generosity of his friend Peter and his overall spirit. He has touched so many lives as he continues to provide positive feedback to so many musicians around the world. He touched another one that day and I will never forget this two hours of our lives.


Compiled by Roy Elkins

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Chris Aaron

As soon as you meet Chris Aaron, you realize you have a new friend and feel like you have known him your whole life. And I believe he felt the same way about everyone he met. He was that type of guy. If you have ever met him, you have never forgotten it.

Chris Aaron
Chris Aaron

The first time we connected was in our office at Broadjam. He and his wife, Lisa Bethke, had come in from Colorado and were promoting one of their projects, The Bandallamas. This was an all-star band of local and national musicians including Victor DeLorenzo, Richard Davis, Bobby Bryan, Wally Ingram, Pauli Ryan and Rob Wasserman. Both Chris and Lisa were extremely passionate about this project. But more importantly, they couldn’t stop talking about all the musicians in the band. It was clear that they are not only musicians, they are truly fans of music and especially those they gigged with.

Chris Aaron & Lisa Bethke
Chris Aaron & Lisa Bethke

Chris died last week at age 44. Although I didn’t know Chris that well, I had a tear in my eye. I will never understand why good people go so early, especially when they are giving so much art, peace and happiness to the world. I’m sure his closest friends would agree that a good soul has been taken way too early.

Chris Aaron & Jim Schwall
Chris Aaron & Jim Schwall

As a musician, Chris was an awesome & tasteful blues player. When looking at his Facebook page, his photos include a Who’s Who of the Wisconsin music scene. Jim Schwall, Pauli Ryan, Clyde Stubblefield, Duke, Westside Andy, Darren Sterrud, Tony Menzer, Perry Weber, Jim Voegeli, Pat MacDonald and many others. Every photo shows Chris smiling, gigging or both.

As we get older, our friends and family seem to pass on a more frequent basis. I guess this is just a part of life.  When a special person like Chris leaves us at such a young age, we step back and think about what is really important.

I am sad that he has moved on and will remember his spirit and gift. He was a great person, who had extreme depth and personality. My sincere condolences to Lisa and all of her family and friends. Rest In Peace Chris.

There is a fund set up to help his kids with college tuition.  You can find the link here on his website.

Roy Elkins

Founder, Broadjam, Google+, Onliner Notes, MySpace, Music Industry Views, News & Reviews

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Nashville Joe – The Unconditional Friend & Songwriter

Nashville Joe (Nashvillejoe) by Roy Elkins

Nashville Joe at the opry 2Over the years, I have had the honor to get to know so many great people through the web and specifically through our website, Broadjam.  Most of whom, I have never met.  One of those great people, and probably the most popular on our site, is Joe Hendrickson of Punta Gorda, Florida.

Nashville Joe - Roy Elkins

Every time I see a post from Nashville Joe, I smile. He always has something positive to say about everyone he meets in person or on the web. His profile photo is of him sitting on a tractor holding a can of something with his personality showing through his smile.

Nashville Joe - Roy ElkinsHe has uploaded about 35 or so songs and one of my favorites is a song called Christmas Blues.  He continues to be one of our top reviewers as well with over 2000 to his credit.  He is one the most prolific reviewers in the 15 year history of Broadjam.

When one looks at his profile, you can see he is a well loved guy.  In just the past week alone, his comments page is an ongoing conversation with the “Who’s Who” of BroadjamPGO, Diana Rasmussen, Hank Thomas, Julia Schmidt, DeDe, Cyndi Corkran, Earl C. Webb, Tappin’ Tommy, Penny Towers and Marie Preston.

Nashville Joe - Roy ElkinsWhen one gets the idea for a website , they can only hope for members like Nashville Joe .  With all of the negative issues that plague the internet, Joe brings a bright spot into so many lives on a daily basis.  He is an unconditional friend to so many people he has never met in person.  Thank you Joe for being who you are and bringing so much positive energy to so many.

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Madison Area Music Association Awards

Madison Area Music Association Annual Awards 2014 Winners

Artist Of The Year – The Jimmys

Madison Area Music Association Roy Elkins The Jimmys
The Jimmys – The MAMAs Artist of the Year

The Jimmys are: Jimmy Voegeli -(2014 Madison Area Music Association Keyboardist of the Year) Hammond Organ, Piano, Electric Rhodes, Vocals/Mauro Magellan (Georgia Satellites)-Drums and Percussion/John Wartenweiler – (2014 MAMA Bassist of the Year) Electric and Acoustic Bass/Darren Sterud – (2014 MAMA Brass of the Year) Trombone/Perry WeberGuitars and Vocals/Bryan Husk – Tenor and Baritone Saxophones/Chad Whittinghill – Trumpet and Flugelhorn/Pete Ross – Alto Saxophone

Madison Area Music Association Roy Elkins The Jimmys
The Jimmys instrumental winners with MAMA Board President Roy Elkins

Michael St. John Lifetime Achievement Award

Leotha Stanley

Madison Area Music Association Roy Elkins Leotha Stanley
Leotha Stanley Madison Area Music Association 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award

Songwriter Award – Jim Schwall

Madison Area Music Association Roy Elkins Jim Schwall
Jim Schwall Madison Area Music Association 2014 Songwriter Award

Genre Awards

Alternative – Sexy Ester                                     

Madison Area Music Association Roy Elkins Sexy Ester
Sexy Ester – Alternative Album “Monomania”, Song “Hold On” and Performer 2014 Winner


Kyle Henderson

Madison Area Music Association Roy Elkins Kyle Henderson
Kyle Henderson – 2014 MAMA Male Vocalist and Blues Album of the Year “Brand New Chance”

The Jimmys – Blues Performer and Song of the Year “Big Fat Woman”

Childrens  – Art Paul Schlosser

Madison Area Music Association Roy Elkins Art Paul Schlosser
Art Paul Schlosser – Children’s Performer and Song of the Year ” Read A Book”

Childrens Album of the Year Sisters Three A Midsummernight’s Dream

Classical – Graminy

Madison Area Music Association Roy Elkins Graminy
MAMA 2014 Winner Graminy – Classical Album of the Year “Germinations: A Bluegrass Symphony in D” and Classical Song of the Year “March of the Cranes”

Classical Performer of the Year Joe Sokolinsky


Album of the Year The Dang-Its A Lick of Sense
Performer of the Year Madison County
Song of the Year The Family Business “Chances”


Annabel Lee

Madison Area Music Association Roy Elkins Annabel Lee
2014 MAMA Female Vocalist of the Year – Annabel Lee, Electronic Performer of the Year, Electronic Song of the Year “Pray”

Electronic Album of the Year – Midas Bison Wavey Daze


Ida Jo

Madison Area Music Association Roy Elkins Ida Jo
2014 MAMA Folk/Americana Performer of the Year Ida Jo and Folk/Americana Song of the Year “For Better For Worse”

Folk/Americana Album of the Year – Mark Croft Live at Shake Rag Alley

Hard Rock/PunkLords of the Trident

Lords of the Trident
Lords of the Trident – Hard Rock/Punk Album of the Year “Plan of Attack”, Hard Rock/Punk Performer of the Year, Hard Rock/Punk Song of the Year “Complete Control”

Hip Hop

Conscious Object

Conscious Object
2014 MAMA Hip-Hop Performer of the Year Conscious Object, Hip-Hop Album of the Year “Sourcery”, Hip-Hop Song of the Year

Hip Hop Song of the Year – Kicksville  “Shriveled Soul”

Jazz – Harmonious Wail                                            

Harmonius Wail
2014 MAMA Jazz Performer of the Year Harmonious Wail, Jazz Album of the Year “Bohemian Tango”, Jazz Song of the Year”Bohemian Tango”

Pop R& B

Album of the Year Annabel Lee Starstruck!
Performer of the Year Anthony Lamarr
Song of the Year Sam Lyons “Before We Fall”


Album of the Year The Family Business Rock and Roll Machine
Performer of the Year Venus in Furs
Song of the Year Sexy Ester “The Hotness”


Album of the Year Michael Massey Dracula, A Rock Ballet
Performer of the Year Sisters Three
Song of the Year Anthony Lamarr “My Regards”

World – Natty Nation

Natty Nation
2014 MAMA World Performer of the Year Natty Nation, World Album of the Year “Live at the UW Terrace”, World Song of the Year “Cease Fire”, Ensemble Vocals

Non-Genre Awards:

Breakthrough Artist of the Year Annabel Lee
New Artist of the Year Gabe Burdulis
Compilation Album of the Year Karen Wheelock Smilin’ On
Cover Song of the Year Mark Croft “Dancing in the Dark (Live)”
Meritorious Achievement Award Sheilah Kring
Video Of The Year Beth Kille “I’ve Been Accused”

Ensemble Vocalists of the Year Natty Nation
Female Vocalist of the Year Annabel Lee
Male Vocalist of the Year Kyle Henderson

Bassist of the Year John Wartenweiler of The Jimmys
Brass Instrumentalist of the Year Darren Sterud of The Jimmys
Drummer/Percussionist of the Year Joey B Banks
Guitarist of the Year Michael Tully
Keyboardist of the Year Jimmy Voegeli
Specialty Instrumentalist of the Year Chris Wagoner (Lap Steel)
Strings Instrumentalist of the Year Mary Gaines
Woodwinds Instrumentalist of the Year Trevor Hoffman of The Rotation

People’s Choice Awards:

Cover Band Performer of the Year John Masino Band
DJ of the Year Nick Nice
Live Sound Engineer of the Year Lonya Neneshev
Local Live Music Venue of the Year High Noon Saloon
Local Music Fan of the Year Sarah Warmke
Local Music Publication/Blog of the Year Isthmus
Local Music Radio Personality of the Year Gabby Parsons
Local Music Radio Station of the Year 89.9 WORT
Local Recorded Music Store of the Year B-Side Records
Album Packaging of the Year Harmonious Wail Bohemian Tango
Photographer of the Year John Urban
Producer of the Year Mike Zirkel
Recording Studio of the Year Audio for the Arts
Roadie of the Year Ralph Shively
Studio Sound Engineer of the Year Mike Zirkel

Youth Awards

Gabe Burdulis

Madison Area Music Association Roy Elkins Gabe Burdulis
2014 MAMA Youth Album of the Year Gabe Burdulis “The Land of Make Believe”, Youth Male Vocalist, Youth Speciality Instrument, Youth Guitarist , New Artist of the Year, Launchpad 2014 Madison Regional Finalist

Female Vocalist of the Year Helen Feest of The Blue Sundays
Woodwinds Instrumentalist of the Year Robert Stine from Middleton High School
Keyboardist of the Year Adam Goren from Middleton High School
Song of the Year The Blue Sundays “Mary Anne”
Launchpad 2014 Madison Regional Finalist  Distant Cuzins
Launchpad 2014 Madison Regional Finalist Prom Queen Rejects

After The Rain

After The Rain
2014 MAMA Youth Band Ensemble Vocalists of the Year After the Rain, Youth Drummer/Percussionist of the Year Quinn Mattson, Youth Bassist of the Year Dominic Cannarella-Andersen, Launchpad 2014 Madison Regional Finalist


Congrats to everyone!

Roy Elkins

Founder, Broadjam

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