Nashville Joe – The Unconditional Friend & Songwriter

Nashville Joe (Nashvillejoe) by Roy Elkins

Nashville Joe at the opry 2Over the years, I have had the honor to get to know so many great people through the web and specifically through our website, Broadjam.  Most of whom, I have never met.  One of those great people, and probably the most popular on our site, is Joe Hendrickson of Punta Gorda, Florida.

Nashville Joe - Roy Elkins

Every time I see a post from Nashville Joe, I smile. He always has something positive to say about everyone he meets in person or on the web. His profile photo is of him sitting on a tractor holding a can of something with his personality showing through his smile.

Nashville Joe - Roy ElkinsHe has uploaded about 35 or so songs and one of my favorites is a song called Christmas Blues.  He continues to be one of our top reviewers as well with over 2000 to his credit.  He is one the most prolific reviewers in the 15 year history of Broadjam.

When one looks at his profile, you can see he is a well loved guy.  In just the past week alone, his comments page is an ongoing conversation with the “Who’s Who” of BroadjamPGO, Diana Rasmussen, Hank Thomas, Julia Schmidt, DeDe, Cyndi Corkran, Earl C. Webb, Tappin’ Tommy, Penny Towers and Marie Preston.

Nashville Joe - Roy ElkinsWhen one gets the idea for a website , they can only hope for members like Nashville Joe .  With all of the negative issues that plague the internet, Joe brings a bright spot into so many lives on a daily basis.  He is an unconditional friend to so many people he has never met in person.  Thank you Joe for being who you are and bringing so much positive energy to so many.

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6 thoughts on “Nashville Joe – The Unconditional Friend & Songwriter”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more Roy. Nashville Joe always has a kind word, a joke, or something amazing to share. His sense of humor cracks me up sometimes. I am so happy for his recent success with his poetry and music. I follow him on Facebook too as his sense of humor bubbles over there too. I like the “Guess who this is?” and the Alligator Snapping Turtle pics. And my favorite Joe response – “Cheers!”


    Diana Rasmussen

    1. GOLLY GEEE WHIZ!—I am blushing and I don’t blush often–thank you for the nice comments–I have a feeling of happiness here at the moment and I feel a few tears coming–I am so happy to be alive today and to be able to know so many talented songwriters and such on BROADJAM–I really like what I do and with BROADJAM–it has made a way for me at my 60 years of age–to be able to touch the world out there somehow–SO THANK YOU FRIENDS–I value your input–talent–and most of all–your spirit of MUSIC!—CHEERS!–JOE HENDRICKSON–AKA: NASHVILLEJOE—(PEACE)

  2. Nice to see such a wonderful article about such a wonderful man! Nashville Joe (from Florida, lol) radiates kindness and goodwill. He even sends little gifts through the mail sometimes to the friends he’s made online. So as one of them, I’d like to say thank you Roy for taking the time to point out the good people in this world, (in addition to having created a warm and welcoming community for so many that share the same dream. ..)and of course thank you Joe for your limitless generosity and positivity! I hope you’re having a spectacular summer!

    1. Susan, Thanks for this. I have also received a few of Joe’s notes and packages. He brings good things to a lot of people. All the best, Roy

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