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Donovan Tucker & The Gift

Donovan Tucker & The Gift

Donovan Tucker

Recently, I found out that one of our Broadjam members, Donovan Tucker, recently received a liver transplant. A medical procedure of this nature is not only life saving, but certainly changes the perspective of recipient it forever.

His story begins on October 31st, 2013 at the UAMS hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas. This is the day he received his new liver. After he returned home, he couldn’t help but think about the donor and his or her family. He was thankful for such a tremendous gift from a family that must have experienced a recent loss. He was moved to write a song in memory of his donor.

Donovan Tucker The GiftHe originally wrote the lyrics, then asked fellow writer Adam Avery to help him complete it. When finished, he sent the song to the transplant team at the hospital. Soon after, he received a message from Arkansas Donate Life asking to use the song to promote organ donor awareness. He and Adam offered the song, “The Gift”, to help their cause. This version features the vocals of Julia Schmidt.

But the story doesn’t end there.

He forwarded his desire to meet the family of the donor as he wanted to show his appreciation. He was surprised to find out that the donor was female. Her son met with Donovan for lunch and lost his mom just a few months from graduating high school. The young man also lost his father in 2009. He said the young man has a great attitude and wants to be a doctor so he can help other and now considers him part of his own family.

Donovan Tucker 2

I have never met Donovan Tucker, but he is one of my favorite writers and is truly one of the best who has ever graced the servers of Broadjam.com. Knowing the back story, The Gift is probably one of the most meaningful songs I have heard to date. And it certainly has been a gift to anyone who has heard it.

Please click on this link and it will take you to Donovan Tucker’s Home Website. From there, you will find more details to this wonderful story.

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